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Yahoo Pipes - Web2Dev Dream Come True

This is a HomeRun Web Developer App. This graphical web programming toolkit makes Feeds and Apps in minutes. Go ahead mash something up today.

Yahoo Pipes
My Grade: A-

Super Flexible
Mashe lots of major APIs

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FreshBoooks - Online Invoicing

Seriously this free account made money for me the first time I used it. That's why it's the first Web 2.0 App that I share with you.

If you do any freelance work, consulting, service or any invoiced business at all.
FreshBooks lets you create invoices online in seconds, one click them to email addresses or physical addresses then recieve and track payments in one place. Fully customize invoices with logos, import and export your data etc. This app has all the bells and whistles.

Plus a Free Account that never expires!

My Grade:B+

Excellent Application
Profitable On First Invoice
No Percentages or Per invoice fees
This 2.0 app is out of Beta Full Version Alpha Style

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Mashup Heaven

Web 2.o is here and Mashups are abounding with rich web feeds from all directions.

On this Blog we will take a look at some of my favorite mashups to date. Including the ones I am using to manage all of my online business and publishing, from any browser in the world.

The Future of Computing is independent of Software and Location.

Web 2.0 Sites and Web Mashups are leading the way, check them out!

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